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In 1953, when the business that’s now the Sharpen and Repair Workshop first opened its doors, it was family owned and operated, and the intention was to supply quality products by leading manufacturers at a fair price. Later, the business expanded to include sharpening services for blades and clippers; the owner, Alan Schiavi, was something of a genius when it came to tweaking machinery, and the commercial honing plates of the day were soon modified to give superior performance and thus better edges.
Those original plates are long retired but the system used to create precise, long-lasting edges is similar, and two generations of Schiavi are still involved in the operation of the workshop and the retail business. On the retail front, the shop continues to stock and service the world’s leading brands in personal and animal grooming.
Today, the availability of cheap electrical products at major retailers means anyone can get a bargain. Our policy is still to persuade the customer to spend a little more on quality in the first place, and because of that we only support brands that offer guarantees. That, as far as we’re concerned, is what carrying on the family tradition is about.
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021 281 8888
09 379 2005